This 10th annual weekend event provides multiple opportunities for local fun during a Maine vacation. The HarborFest is one of the Belfast Rotary Club’s key fun and fundraising events that allow us to help local needy families, provide college scholarships to local high school seniors, etc.

At the National Boat Building Challenge that takes place on August 20, each 2-person team in the boat building challenge will attempt to build a seaworthy 12-foot wooden skiff in less than four hours.

Teenagers can be on a team — either one teenager with one adult teammate or two teenagers with an onsite adult advisor/coach throughout the challenge.

Here is a a time-lapse video of this past Saturday’s boat build demonstration on our HarborFest Facebook page:

Belfast Harbor Fest

Belfast Harbor Fest

Our teacher that day is Tom Russell — the gentleman with the long beard in the time-lapse video — who is willing and able to provide further guidance about how to prepare in advance to any teams in this year’s challenge.

Our website is at — from which you can click on a link to the application form and rules.

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