Luxury Spa & Massage

Relax and Enjoy Belfast Maine & Our Luxury Boutique Hotel

The simple effects of touch are healthy. After receiving massage therapy in our romantic hotel in Belfast, Maine, you will experience a feeling of well being, increased energy and overall balance. Massage Therapy systemically affects the physiological processes of your body. The flowing techniques of Swedish Massage will relax your nervous system, detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Deep Tissue techniques are effective in relieving localized tension and chronic pain. Scalp, Neck and Shoulder massage can activate the endocrine system to relax your entire body.

Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes $65 / 60 minutes $130 / 75 minutes $165
Your therapist will customize your massage based on your expressed needs.

Time Share Massage

30 minutes $130 / 45 minutes $180
When you both want a massage and you are limited with time, divide the time. Each person will receive focused attention on areas specified by you.

Scalp, Neck, Shoulder, Arms

60 minutes $95
Comfortable clothing can be worn for this service. Experience deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Chair Massage

60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $145 / 120 minutes $180
A special massage chair is used. Focus is on the head, neck, back, and arms. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Time can be shared.

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